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ASMAG Anlagenplanung- und Sondermaschinenbau GmbH

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ASMAG is a leading manufacturer and supplier of machinery and equipment for the international steel and non ferrous metal industry. The product range for the steel tube industry includes pointing machines, drawing machines, straightening machines, multiple sawing lines, testing equipment and stacking and bundling systems. For the non-ferrous metal industry ASMAG provides innovative solutions for copper tube and busbar production with continuous extruders, continuous drawing machines, spinner blocks, level winders, jumbo coilers, finishing lines and stacking and bundling systems. The strengths of ASMAG are the efficient engineering, the high quality manufacturing and the reliable personal support and service.

محصولات و خدمات

Advanced Tube and Bar Mill Technology
• ASCON - Continuous Rotary Extruder
• Straight Drawing Lines
• Combined Dawing Lines
• Spinner Blocks and Bull Blocks
• Straightening Machines
• Saws and Cutters
• Finishing Lines
• Stacking and Bundling Lines
• Handling Equipment

ASCON - Continuous Rotary Extrusion

ASCON - Continuous Rotary Extrusion

With the ASCON series, ASMAG offers machines for continuous rotary extrusion of non-ferrous metals: The process converts the feedstock - for example wire rod - into a pliable state using friction. The required temperatures and the pressure for a continuous rotary extrusion through the die are produced by friction forces applied to the material through friction wheel rotation. Due to the simple and rapid set-up process when changing dimensions, small batches can be economically produced.

Straight Drawing for Single and Multiple Tube Draws

Straight Drawing for Single and Multiple Tube Draws

Drawing machines are one of ASMAG's core competences. The extensive product range includes machinery and systems for drawing tubes, rods and profiles made of steel, copper, brass and aluminium. The particularly high-performance multiple tube drawing machinery for manufacturing precision steel tubes deserves specific highlighting. The machine is designed for each individual customer and tailored to each individual application.

10-roll Straightening Machine

10-roll Straightening Machine

The 10-roll straightening machine is a technical speciality for precision steel tube and for copper tube production. Each roller can be automatically adjusted in height and angle with extreme precision. Due to the identical design of all ten rollers the first and fifth pair of rollers are integrated into the straightening process. High-quality servo drives for each of the individual rollers ensure powerful and dynamic actuation. ASMAG offers solutions tailored specifically to these requirements.

اخبار و نوآوری ها

ASMAG supplies a complete production line for precision steel tubes up to 4” 

ASMAG announces that it recently shipped a complete line to manufacture up to 4” high precision steel tubes to a well-known customer.

This comprehensive line comprises of a fully automated 600kN triple draw bench with integrated pointing machine and a fully automated finishing line consisting of a 10 roll straightener RRM-pro-100/10, testing table, multiple sawing line, chamfering units and a stacking, bundling and banding system.

The requirements of this line – as so often – were to achieve remarkable savings on production costs and a simultaneous increase in quality of the products made. Modern drive technology and innovative machinery concepts in addition to a high degree of automation allows for faster production speed and a higher availability of the line. Due to placement of all equipment in-line and the resulting elimination of manual material handling between the individual components of the line additionally resulted in significant reduction of scrap.

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ASMAG Anlagenplanung- und Sondermaschinenbau GmbH
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4644 Scharnstein

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فکس: +43 7616 8801-88

Herbert Plank
Vice President Sales & Marketing
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