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About us

As long ago as 1980 we began specializing in screw compressor technology as an OEM supplier for compressor system manufacturer. Today, ROTORCOMP can offer you a comprehensive product portfolio ‘Made in Germany’: air ends und compact units, gas ends, booster units, catalytic oil free converters, air & gas measurement systems as well as numerous engineered components and accessories. We grow with our customers. In consequence, we at ROTORCOMP are totally dedicated to the development, manufacture and sales of world-class compressors. This is the reason for constant further development of our product portfolio and our drive to address new markets.

Products and services

ROTORCOMP can offer:

  • Air Ends und Compact Units (with gear drive too) up to 670 kW/15 bar
  • Gas Ends and Compact Units (with gear drive too) up to 670 kW/17 bar
  • Two Stage Compressors up to 570 kW/40 bar
  • Booster Modules up to 48 kW/40 bar
  • Catalytic Oil Free Converters (ETC) ensures oil-free air class 0 (low- and medium pressure)
  • Air & gas measurement Systems such as: RCS OIL MONITOR and RCS OIL TUBE
  • Numerous engineered components and accessories
EVO6-NK compact unit

EVO6-NK compact unit

our unique series of EVO®-NK compact Units are oil-injected screw compressor modules that integrate the main parts of a compressor System. This solution is the best possible way to build reliable, compact and cost efficient complete compressor packages with ultimate efficiency, low noise and the highest quality standards.

EVO3 screw air end

EVO3 screw air end

our oil injected screw air Ends create the heart of your compressor system. Used with our wide range of components, you can build the perfect compressor package with ultimate efficiency, low noise, at the highest quality standards.

ETC-SV1 Catalytic Converter

ETC-SV1 Catalytic Converter

Our catalytic converter ensures absolute oil-free air class 0. Conventional methods remove residual oil from compressed air by adsorption in activated charcoal at discharge from an oil-injected or oil-free air compressor. Our innovative product line works with a unique method to eliminate oil and hydrocarbons in compressed air. ETC® oxidizes hydrocarbons with oxygen from the air by a catalytic reaction into water and carbon dioxide. Oil-free air class 0 you can rely on .


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82110 Germering

Phone: +49 89 72409-0
Fax: +49 89 72409-38

Ali Asri
Area Sales Manager Iran
Phone: +49 89 72409-26

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